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China Jiangsu Railteco Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
China Jiangsu Railteco Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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Railteco is a professional railway axle manufacturer, we have cooperated for more than two years and no quality problem was founded. I believe Railteco will always be my business partner after ten or twenty years.


Competitive price and excellent service is Railteco's advantage!

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  • Production Line

    Axle Production Line

    Railteco has a complete set of production equipment for forging, heat treatment and machining, and has formed a complete modern production line from raw materials to finished axles, which can be used to meet AAR, EN, UIC and other common standards by annual output of 30,000 pcs. Railteco’s production control of axles starts from the re-inspection of the raw material axle steel, ensuring that the characteristics of the product meet the requirements of the user standard and the company's internal control (Pic. 1). After qualified by the re-inspection process, the weight of each blank is accurately calculated by the software, and the automatic band saw is used to ensure the cutting accuracy (Pic. 2).

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    After forging, the alignment is completed on the 4MN hydraulic straightening machine (Pic. 3). After straightening, the axle enters the fully automatic suspension continuous heat treatment production line (Pic. 4), and the heat treatment is performed by electric heating. The whole heat treatment process is completed by the system control. This method creates a uniform temperature environment for the axle heat treatment, which effectively ensures the execution of the heat treatment process.

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    After the tested axle enters into the machining process, the two ends and center hole are machined by a double-sided sawing machine (Pic. 5) and a double-sided milling machine (Pic. 6). After machining, axial ultrasonic testing is performed to ensure that the internal structure of the axle meets the requirements. The total length of the axle and the center hole are refined to meet the requirements of the run-out. Then the turning is started, the radial ultrasonic flaw detection is performed after finishing the axle surface machining which is to further check whether the axle has defects. After passing the inspection, the axle end hole is processed.

    In order to facilitate product traceability, the axle will enter the marking process according to the relevant standards and customer requirements. The axle journals, transition arc and wheel seat will be processed by the CNC grinding machine. After the processing is completed, the surface flaw detection is performed by a fully automatic magnetic particle flaw detector to ensure that the surface is free from cracks. In addition, Railteco also has the processing equipment and process experience of axle products with special process requirements, such as molybdenum coating (Pic.7), Hawking surface modification (Pic.8) and other processes.

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    Wheel Machining Line

    Railteco has been working with MA STEEL for many years and cooperatively complete the realization process of the wheels from raw materials to finished products. MA STEEL is a professional manufacturer of railway wheels and tires used in locomotives, coaches and wagons according to China's TB and other international standards such as AAR, ISO, EN, UIC, BS, JIS, IRS, ГОСТ and KS.


    The production control of the wheels starts from the raw materials. The steel ingots used in the wheels are converted into continuous casting round ingots through the converter. The weight of each cutting material is accurately calculated by software process design, and the automatic band saw machine is used to ensure the cutting accuracy. The round billet is heated by a continuous loop heating furnace, and after dephosphorization, it enters a squeezing process. The preforming, forming, rolling and punching of the wheels are carried out by means of a forming press + wheel mill + bending press machine.


    After the hot deformation, the temperature of the wheel blank is slowly cooled to room temperature by an isothermal process. Then the rim is quenched and tempered to increase the strength and stiffness of the wheel.


    MA STEEL undertakes the physical and chemical inspection of the wheels. It is equipped with professional inspectors to perform physical and chemical testing on the heat-treated wheels to ensure qualified products enter into the machining process.

    As for the testing qualified wheels, Railteco is responsibility for the continuous machining and inspection by a mature processing and testing production line (Pic. 1). The rough machining process of the blank wheels is carried out by the CNC vertical lathe (Pic. 2) to remove the surface forged oxidized black leather. After rough machining, the wheels shall be tested by the full immersion ultrasonic flaw detector (Pic. 3) and then enter into the finishing process to the dimensional state required by the drawing. According to the standard demands, the surface hardness of the wheels is tested by a fully automatic digital display door hardness tester, and the wheels are statically balance detected by a centrifugal force vertical single-sided positioning static balance machine (Pic. 4). Based on customer requirements, the automatic marking machine is used to mark the qualified wheels to ensure the traceability of the products. Finally, the surface of the finished wheels is tested by the automatic fluorescent magnetic particle flaw detector (Pic.5) to ensure no cracks on the surface. With the mature professional MES system, the full-size inspection data transmission of the wheels is completed, and then the wheels are packaged for delivery. In addition, Railteco has equipment and capabilities for special wheels processing requirements such as oil hole machining (Pic. 6), web plate hole machining (Pic. 7), and bore grinding (Pic. 8).


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  • R&D

    Railteco Technical Team

    Railteco currently has over 100 staffs in technology R&D team, in which 20 people with senior engineers, 10 people with doctoral degree, 25 people with master's degree, the rest are undergraduate education; our technical team has a reasonable staffing in areas of railway locomotive design and simulation calculation, metal materials engineering, material molding and control, non-destructive testing, automation control, railway passenger car interior design, urban rail vehicle re-manufacturing and services. Meanwhile our team members in these areas have a wealth of experience to complete the company’s design research and development tasks of various railway products.


    Railteco maintains a close cooperation relationship with Southwest Jiaotong University and Tsinghua University. An engineering and technology research center has been co-established with Southwest Jiaotong University; a rail vehicle bogie research office has been set up by cooperation with Tsinghua University. Railteco forms a good environment for production and research cooperation by reasonable use of university R&D resources, and the establishment of these institutions greatly enhance the overall R & D strength of Railteco.


    Railteco owns nearly 20 patents on area of railway products which including four invention patents. More than 20 new patents is increasing each year with over 10 new products developed. Railteco has received more and more approval from our customers by our strong technical research and development strength, which makes great contribution for the company's rapid development.


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